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eToro operates in accordance with FCA, CySEC and ASIC regulations, meaning that there are measures in place to protect investors. On eToro, our clients’ funds are kept secure in top-tier banks or placed in qualifying money market funds. All personal information is guarded under SSL encryption.


csinvesting caters to active traders seeking a diverse range of instruments and advanced features. Variety of Instruments: Trade forex pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities, allowing for diverse strategies and portfolio diversification. Competitive Spreads: csinvesting emphasizes low spreads across various instruments, potentially reducing trading costs, especially for high-volume traders.


XTB the broker is regulated by the Polish Supervisory Authority (KFN) and authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Furthermore, being listed on the stock exchange, XTB is subject to regulation and transparency requirements.


InstaForex appears to be a fraudulent broker registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines but without any credible regulation, with a history of no more than 5 years. Unfortunately, we could not find any more detailed information about this broker on the internet. 


Swissco presents a platform for trading forex and CFDs on various assets. Transparent Fees: Swissco avoids hidden fees and clearly outlines its spread-based pricing structure. Multiple Account Options: They offer different account types catering to various trading preferences, potentially allowing customization based on your needs. Educational Resources: Swissco provides educational content to help traders improve their skills, although the comprehensiveness compared to other brokers may vary.


Based on extensive analysis and industry expertise, XM Broker emerges as a reputable and well-regulated brokerage, offering a plethora of trading instruments, intuitive platforms, educational resources, and competitive trading conditions.


The company has historically catered to institutional and high-volume traders, and IBKR continues to meet the needs of these customers, earning our top choice for best broker for advanced traders, international trading, algorithmic trading, and risk management, cash management, among other categories.


Findeto positions itself as a broker geared towards active traders seeking a diverse instrument selection and advanced functionalities. Variety of Instruments: Findeto boasts a comprehensive instrument selection encompassing forex pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, and commodities. This empowers users to implement diverse trading strategies and build well-diversified portfolios. Competitive Spreads: Findeto emphasizes low spreads across various instruments, potentially reducing trading costs, particularly for high-volume traders.


Purple Trading is monitored not only by the CySEC but also by an internal auditor, an external auditing firm, and by the Board of the Company. All these subjects make sure that we are operating within the boundaries of our license.